Anna Jowell- Project Manager, EarthCorps

As a Project Manager at EarthCorps, Anna Jowell has first hand experience restoring salmon spawning environments through creek revegetation, shade creation, and fostering healthy ecosystems for salmon to thrive in. In addition, her work also includes managing Shoreline’s rain gardens which are key, natural filtration systems for toxic pollutants and stormwater runoff that harm our orca and salmon populations.  

However, before holding this position at EarthCorps, her environmental journey started in her early childhood. Growing up in Washington, she spent a lot of her youth exploring the San Juan and Gulf islands where she was able to see orcas for the first time. 

To Anna, the importance of the survival and thriving of these keystone species is both ecological and cultural. There is a necessity to protect orca as they are an indicator for the greater health of the ecosystem, reflecting salmon populations, pollution levels, and more. Culturally, the Southern Resident orca play an important role for the peoples of Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest, primarily its Indigenous Stewards, the Coast Salish and Duwamish among many others.

Anna stresses the need for each one of us to do what we can, to listen to this land’s Indigenous stewards, and tell our elected officials that we must protect these species and their environments. 

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